Living BioBank

Living BioBank enables access to clinical data, surplus specimens, and microbiome data

Living BioBank™ and Living µBiome Bank™ allow for the just-in-time capture and delivery of de-identified clinical data and precisely phenotyped surplus standard-of-care specimens and microbiome assay data resulting from specimens.

There are two types of Living BioBank requests:

  • Specimen requests (whole blood and plasma) Physical samples (your research team will take direct possession of de-identified samples on an ongoing basis)
  • Microbiome data requests (nasal, nasopharyngeal, and perianal swabs, stool) Assay data provided in bulk once all samples are collected, processed, and sequenced (samples are not directly provided)

Investigators interested in using Living BioBank must first specify inclusion and exclusion criteria by creating an electronic phenotype using i2b2 (please see the Living BioBank and i2b2 guides below).

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